Eminent Domain Projects from Single Source Inc

Our firm is extremely familiar with Wisconsin Statute 32.05, as the individuals within our firm have provided appraisal, acquisition, relocation and litigation support for numerous Local and State projects.  We understand all aspects of Chapter 32.05 and feel that our past experience will allow us to manage any size project with no concern to our clients.

Single Source, Inc. understands what it takes to complete projects on-time and within budget.  We make sure that no project deadlines are missed due to items or issues that are within our control. We understand the challenges each project presents, and are committed to ensuring successful completion.

Single Source, Inc. and its team have appraised, acquired and relocated thousands of property owners; the following are a few of the more recent assignments that we have been involved in. .


Appraisal and acquisition of approximately 40 parcels along STH 29 in Marathon County.  Many of the parcels were severely severed; therefore appraisals were complex including severance damages and cost-to-cure.  Due to the nature of the assignment (project), access rights were also prevalent.  This project also involved 3 residential relocation parcels.  This was an extremely fast-track project, but was completed on time and within budget.



WOOD ROAD TRAIL – CITY OF MUSKEGO        This project consisted of partial acquisitions of 11 parcels for a recreational bike trail.  Most of the properties were residential.  All of the parcels were acquired via the nominal process and were completed in June of 2012.


COUNTY TRUNK HIGHWAY L – WAUKESHA COUNTY        Appraisal and acquisition for 31 parcels along CTH L (Janesville Road).  A majority of the parcels were acquired via Nominal Waiver.  Single Source, Inc. provided standard appraisals for the remaining parcels.  This project consisted of commercial and residential properties.  This project was completed in March of 2012.


COUNTY TRUNK HIGHWAY K – KENOSHA COUNTY        Appraisals and acquisitions for 29 parcels along CTH K (60th Street).  Standard appraisals were provided for all parcels with some being complex in nature.  This project was completed in March of 2012.


WEST NATIONAL AVENUE – CITY OF WEST ALLIS        This project involved 25+ strip acquisitions.  In addition, several appraisal reports were completed.  The project was completed in fall of 2011.


RYAN CREEK INTERCEPTOR – CITY OF FRANKLIN        Appraisal and acquisition for 30+ parcels involving underground sewer.  These were complex assignments, involving severance damage / cost-to-cure.  This was a very political project that Single Source delivered on time and without delay.


DURHAM DRIVE – CITY OF MUSKEGO        This project consisted of partial acquisitions for 25+ affected residential and agricultural properties.  a few of the parcels were acquired via the nominal process.  Single Source Inc. provided standard appraisals for the remaining parcels.  The project was completed in April of 2011.


CTH Y & WOODS ROAD INTERSECTION / CTH V & GOOD HOPE INTERSECTION – WAUKESHA COUNTY        Both of these projects were contracted at the same time; the CTH Y and Woods Road intersection consisted of 8 partial acquisitions with several standard appraisals required.  The CTH V and Good Hope Road intersection was comprised of partial acquisitions of 8 parcels.  This project was on a fast track and was completed on time in June of 2011.


CAPITOL DRIVE, CITY OF BROOKFIELD        The City of Brookfield is planning to reconstruct Capitol Drive from North 124th Street to Brookfield Road for the installation of sidewalks. The project involves over 100 parcels, which include Fee Acquisitions and Temporary Limited Easements. Many of these parcels will be acquired via the Nominal Waiver Process. The project is expected to be complete in December, 2010.