Single Source, Inc. is a full service real estate firm specializing in turnkey services for eminent domain.  Our team’s depth and experience provides us the foresight to anticipate and address potential appraisal, acquisition and relocation problems.  Single Source, Inc. is a multidiscipline firm with over 100 years of combined project experience.  We have an in-depth understanding of the issues and a demonstrated track record of schedule adherence.  Our structure is designed to efficiently manage and coordinate the efforts of our team.  We are based in Brookfield, Wisconsin and have a strong understanding and knowledge of the Wisconsin market.

Our staff is comprised of eight key individuals, three of whom are Wisconsin Certified General Appraisers, each with over eighteen years of real estate experience, one is a Wisconsin Certified Residential Appraiser, and one is a Licensed Appraiser.   Having five skilled appraisers on our staff allows us the flexibility, training, and knowledge to explain the acquisition process and analysis to the landowners to obtain the fairest and quickest results.  We also have an excellent administrative support staff.  Our experienced staff and the size of our company allow us to retain the flexibility and sense of personal involvement, yet assure the professional skill in each discipline.  We have several experienced Project Managers, whose past experience indicate that they understand how to deliver projects on-time and to your satisfaction.  We know how to handle details so our clients require minimal effort to achieve the results they expect.

As noted, we are a full-service real estate right-of-way firm, offering appraisal, acquisition / negotiation, relocation and project management expertise.  We offer the resources necessary to complete any project, with a single point of contact.  Our strengths are experience, dedication, and our multiple disciplined cross-training.

We have expertise and experience in: •Acquisition of land in fee, partial acquisitions and easements for State and local government, utility easements, floodway easements and Urban Renewal. •Appraisal of commercial, industrial, multi-family, agricultural and strip acquisitions.  We have extensive experience in valuation of parcels that entail cost-to-cure items and severance damages. •Preparation of Conceptual Stage Relocation Plans, Relocation Plans and providing Relocation Assistance. •Right-of-way cost estimates. •Project Management. •Property Management. •Condemnation Assistance. •Public Meetings. •Litigation Assistance. •Route Estimates. •Risk Management.

Please follow the links to learn about our qualifications and our past, present and future projects. You will also find a list of references and information on how to contact us for your next project.